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Practical Shooting

NTSC runs regular on-site practical events and participates in the UKPSA postal league. We also attend regular off-site practical shooting events and encourage all club members to share in this dynamic sport.

Practical Shooting is currently the second most popular international target shooting discipline.

It is probably the most demanding of all the shooting sports. It requires speed, accuracy and movement, with having to engage up to 28 targets from knock down metal ones, to paper ones, to frangible targets. And all this from different shooting positions, around obstacles, through apertures, as well as over or under things.

There is also the fact that, unlike most shooting sports, you never shoot the same course of fire twice, so flexibility of thought is equally important – it’s probably the only shooting discipline that requires problem-solving to achieve a successful score. There’s usually more than one way to shoot a stage and knowing which is going to be fastest and score the highest is the big problem to solve. Plus, of course, doing it safely, as you must be mindful that you are doing all this whilst moving with a loaded gun which you will also be likely to be reloading so you can finish the course. This is all done under the watchful eye of at least one Range Officer, on a one competitor to one RO ratio.

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